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Welcome to the Customer Comments Page!

Here you'll find comments from our previous customers. Get a feel for how the public think about us, have we just served you? Leave a comment! We'll appreciate it a lot! Newest comments are at the top.


Please Note: An email is not required, although we would appreciate being able to reply to you.


You can click one of the social media icons to autofill your information! Then you will also be notified if we reply to your comment.


Once you've entered your comment, click the 'Comment' button to post, not appearing? Don't worry, sometimes it will take a while to load, or maybe we need to accept the comment due to the server thinking it's spam.

We haven't always had the comment box above!

The text below shows older comments from our customer before 2016. Scrolling further down below will show you comments we received before our website went live.

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